The shipping rates will vary based on location and weight of the order. Shipping and handling charges are subject to change at any time.

Shipping Carrier: All items purchased on will be shipped via USPS Mail. If you would like your item shipped via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or an alternative shipping method, then please email us at Additional Shipping charges may be applied accordingly.

Handling Time: All orders are shipped on business days only. For example, if you order at any time on Friday, then your order will not be sent to the post office until the following Monday. All items are picked up or dropped off at the Post Office. This day does NOT count as a shipping day. Once the package is scanned into the sorting facility, it is to be expected that is the first day of shipment. There are some occasions we are able to send items on Saturday, however, this should not be expected.

During holidays items are expected to arrive later than expected due to Post Office delays! This is completely out of our hands. If you are purchasing items to arrive on a specific date then please email us at to expedite the package. There will be an additional charge to expedite the package. Cryptic Apparel will not be held accountable for late shipments during the holiday season. We will send items within 24 hours of the business day.

Handling Time: Cryptic Apparel has a stanard 24-72 hour handling time between the date your item is ordered and the date the item is recieved by the postal service chosen. 99% of all orders will be shipped within 24 hours of the purchase date. As stated above, we only ship on business days. All orders place on Friday will NOT ship until the following Monday.

Cryptic Apparel reserves the right to delay shipments by 72 hours. This has only happened a hand full of times during the holidays. We will send an email notifying customer of delays with shipments. We apologize for this inconvenience.

If we receive an email asking about an order, shipping, or anything concerning the order before the order is shipped, then we will hold the item until we receive a confirmation to ship this item from the notifying user via email or phone. We will hold items for up to 72 hours before we ship the item if we do not receive a response.

1-3 Business Day Shipping:  This shipping method with be via USPS priority 1-3 business day shipping. Priority is the name of the shipment method, not to be confused with expedited shipping. Please note, during holiday season the USPS service has been known to be delays a day or two.

International Shipping: We ship worldwide! International shipping charges may be more expensive than US shipping charges due to the high cost of shipping international. International orders are not to be included in FREE SHIPPING offers and promotions unless otherwise stated.